What is wave?
Where are you located?
How does Wave work?
What will these services cost to me?
When is Wave open?
Is Wave a secured space?
What is the Guest Policy?
What is the Wave work environment like?
Can I bring my clients/customers into Wave?
I talk on the phone a lot. Is that going to be a problem?
What is the best way for me to communicate with other Wave members?
Do I have access to office supplies, print/fax/scan, and mail at Wave?
Do I have access to storage space?
What if I need to arrange a business meeting?
May I bring non-business guests into Wave?
How am I billed for renting my Wave space?
Can I use the entire co-working space for an event?
I want to check it out. What’s Next?
Is Wave really as cool as you say it is?
Can I use Wave for my business address?
How do I become a member?
Do you offer discounts for multiple members from the same company?
Do you have events for members?