The Wave is a space designed for action.
It's purpose is to house and support doers, risk-takers, change-makers, future heroes at the beginnings of their journeys.
It's a place for people that disrupt, stir things up, rattle the cage, that amplify the noise. It's for that next level sh!*.
It's a place for people that make waves.

With resident companies, resident entrepreneurs and a resident investment firm, it's the place to get things done.

Co-Working: You've got a small company or maybe you've got an idea. You need a place to work, or to talk to people to get clarity, or you need someone to tell you your idea is awesome or that it sucks. Whatever the reason; you just need a place to work that's more than a coffee shop, but less than a whole office. A place that is bright, energetic, has internet, good people, no judgement, a place to sit, a table to work at and think. Because that's all that someone like you needs to do. So, rent a desk or a workspace. Or even a conference room. Rent it for a day, a week, a month - we're your partner and like to see you succeed. Prices/Packages/Services

Events: Maybe you're a long away from getting your idea or your company off the ground. Probably you need help to do some networking to explore interest from market or potential investors. Maybe you could benefit from mentoring, capacity building, workshops or just plain old inspiring talks. Well, the Wave hosts startup community events that would probably get you all of that. The space is designed to quickly and easily transform into an open space that is conducive for events, workshops, networking and other social and collaborative efforts (remember we said we're flexible?!).

Community: The Wave is at its core a community space. It houses members through its co-working rentals and portfolio company offices. It supports community members through various events and initiatives, whether networking, capacity building or inclusive and collaborative matchmaking. It also provides in-house talent, mentors and investors to help Wavers makewaves. It is one pea in the pod of the startup ecosystem. Come say hello.

Portfolio Companies:
Empty Ventures - An angel investing firm
LightCastle Partners - A business analytics firm
Magnito Digital - A full service digital marketing agency
Root Marketing Services - A traditional marketing agency and event management firm
StartupDhaka - A startup ecosystem news and media platform